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>> the going to shooting of andrew and his son drew is an example that no one is coming to save us. >> strong words after a shooting death of a young father and son. i'm dan ashley. like so many of these
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killings there is no way to express the way of the violence. andrew thomas was 21 years old, his son was 1-year-old. both were visiting family. police say one man shot through a bedroom window before 3:00 a.m. two were in town for a birthday and extended their stay to attend a funeral of a cousin that was shot and killed over the weekend. that cousin is al rodriguez and police arrested a man in his homicide. a family member thinks that rodriguez's shooting and andrew and his son are related. >> i mean the violence needs to stop. too many getting killed for what? it's not necessary. >> dan: late this afternoon, oakland mayor and police chief spoke about what was going on and called for an end to the violence. >> it's absolutely unacceptable we have children being shot while they sleep in their bed.
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it is horrific and it needs to stop. >> dan: just a few weeks ago. an eight-year-old was killed when she opened the front door of a friend's house on july 17th and someone opened fire. >> a packed out in oakland as bart and the union represented their cases in public for the first time. they have scheduled new talks for tomorrow and friday. it look like they need it. whether you hear how far apart they are, you understand why they haven't made a deal yet. >> this hearing is in further answer of the investigation that the governor has requested. >> reporter: the border of inquiry appointed by jerry brown took more than five hours from bart and union leaders have lengthy talks have yielded little results. >> they have done, everything they have dow since april of this year has been to delay, stall and
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impede the bargaining process. >> they say the unions are dealing in bad faith with hardball tactics, bart says the latest offer 9% over four years is more than fair. they also want employees to pay more for benefits. >> bart is asking employees to play a larger role in sharing the cost of their generous pension and medical plans. >> terry: unions proposal says 5% over three years and offering to pay into the pension and more for healthcare but no, sir at much as bart wants. >> i hope on my tombstone, forever the optimist. >> bart asked the governor to ask to appoint the board and will deliver reports by the end of the week. he will decide whether to grab the 60 day cooling-off period. >> do you think that is what is needed?
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>> we don't think it is need. we think a contract is needed. >> we want the trains continue to run. we don't want a closing down. we wanted to get back to the table and negotiate with the guarantee the training will continue to run. >> there are bargaining sessions for set for the next two days in oakland. in the meantime, the panel will complete a reported and governor will take a look and he will decide whether to grant the 60-day cooling-off period by sunday. >> a lot of commuters are telling us tonight that bart might want to follow the lead of a.c. transit. bus system and unions reached a contract agreement last night, 90 minutes before midnight before the strike deadline. they will get 9.5% raise over three years but pay for a portion of healthcare benefits. >> i feel real good. my passengers are happy and everybody is happy. so, yeah, i'm surely happy to be at work. >> is a big relief.
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bart takes note that we are able to come together and reach an agreement. >> dan: the contract must be ratified by a union vote. it covers 1800 drivers, mechanics, dispatchers and clerical workers. a.c. transit carries 180,000 passengers every weekday. >> a wild fire is burning out of control in riverside county. there are mandatory evacuations for several communities. highway 243 has closed in the area. it's grown to 5,000 acres. more than 450 firefighters or the ascertain working to keep more homes from going up in flames. it started just after 2:00 this afternoon and spread quickly. there you see a giant air tanker dumping retardant. family of a camp counselor who died when a tree fell on her has filed a
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wrongful death lawsuit. she was killed. four adults were hurt. it happened at a camp last month. the oak tree fell on the campfire circle outside the dining hall. they say pg&e was responsible for checking the three because was within 15 feet of power lines. it brings pg&e and the three inspection company it hired and arborist for the camp. an unusual battle is unfolding in the state capital as a hollywood father fights for parental rights. a dad says he was more than just a sperm donor but hasn't seen the child in months. nannette miranda has the story now from sacramento. >> 1987 vampire film, lost boys. >> my son was stolen.
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>> today he has a starring role in what could be a reality show. 47-year-old is lobbying politicians for a proposal that allows for a law to define him as a dad. a court has ruled he is just a sperm donor. >> you are not allowed to prove in any other way you are parent. >> the drama started when he and his former girlfriend agreed to have a child through artificial insemination. he was part of his son's life for more than two years. the actor could have been considered a legally father in a signed agreement was in place prior to conception. after a split, a no binding contract in place, he lost custody and hasn't seen the now 3-year-old for months. state senator jerry hill likes what he calls the horrified circus it created. >> because of the p.r. hype,
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it has lost its focus. to me the focus is parenting. what is in the best interests of the child. >> calls to the sacramento representative was not returned. but the sperm bank is against from changing the law. she was it a months pregnant says we shouldn't get in the middle of a court battle. >> reality is, he is seeking to impact a few number of men that then destruct tens of thousands of families. that is irresponsible use of creating new laws. >> he insists the senator's proposal gives him a fighting chance to be part of the child's life. >> it gives you the opportunity to go to court and present your evidence. >> the attorney recently told abc news that lawmakers do not interfere with the rights they were promised is
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their hope. a psychiatrist of molesting former patients in san mateo county is behind bars tonight. william ayers pleadeded guilty to eight molestation charges in may. he molested five former patients in the san mateo office. sentencing is scheduled for august 26th but a judge ordered him in custody today. jonathan's friend was a victim. >> this guy, he is a monster. he needs to be put behind bars. i'm glad they remanded him today, but it's bitter suite. due to the fact it's a second anniversary of the suicide of one of his victims. >> aryers who is now 81 faces a minimum of eight years and maximum of 22 years. san jose police meantime, are trying to solve a claimed the life of an
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aspiring student. as a crime that did strike a cord with the acting police chief. carolyn tyler has the story. kimberly is san jose's 30 homicide of the year. a victim of a drive-by shooting that happened early saturday morning as the bars and clubs were closing in the zone entertainment district. >> crime like that is unacceptable but that one specifically it appears she was unintended victim. she was an aspiring nurse. >> the 19-year-old was preparing for another year of classes at san jose state. just earned her assistant nursing certificate last month. instructor recollection her as an excellent student who was perfectly suited for the career she dreamed of.
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>> you could tell it in the patients she cared for. >> she was shot while riding flew the car south of first which hit by a stray bullet. the restaurant is right across the street from the crime scene. lately the customers have told him with the bars and nightclub crowd they don't feel safe anymore. >> some of them they don't want to come over anymore. hopefully, i hope that more happens. >> the police chief chief has met with the family and solving the murder is one of his top priorities. >> a lot more to get to. disturbing and dangerous. what researchers of saying about radioactive fish reaching the coast of california. >> quadruple threat, america's cup --.
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>> spencer christian has the forecast. >> accu-weather forecast center, we are looking for a warmup this weekend. what are you doing back there?
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some alarming news about toxic water hitting the west coast. 300 tons of contaminated water is pouring into pacific ocean from japan. it's coming from a crippled nuclear power plant. how to stop the radioactive material to reach our shores. >> it's a staggering revelation. nearly 72,000 gallons of radioactive water are pouring out of the focus focus power plant and into the sea, fukashima sea.
9:16 pm
but radioactive contamination reaching america, too? they say scientists is blue fined tuna. it went all the way to west coast. stanford university researchers say they have found phrase amounts of radioactive contamination in the tuna they tested. tuna caught here and contamination from fukashima. >> before you stop buying tuna. don't worry. amount is so low, there is no danger in the fish we heat. >> consumers need to educate themselves as best as position. we put the levels in context of safety standards. in those contexts those levels are extremely low. >> all this contaminated water is pouring into the sea is disturbing. that is why scientists here say it will keep on testing the fish we eat.
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>> dan: strangers are banning together against ads on muni buses. they have donated enough money to put up this billboard south of market. they plan to meet up with the site next thursday. billboard is in response to ads that show photos of muslim figures alongside violent incidents such as the 9/11 attacks. >> back-to-back winds on the bay for italy's ship. they had a 2-0 lead in the cup. yesterday was the first day of artemis race since the crew member was killed. new zealand easily defeated them in the round robin
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preliminary series and elected to move through the challengers final. >> hundreds of thousands of people are set to converge on san francisco this weekend for the outside lands festival. they put the finishing touches on the massive stage as well as food booths and other structures in golden gate park. more than 60 musical acts are set to appear in the three-day voo event. paul mccar cart any and red hot chilly peppers. >> those two events, america's cup and outside lands will make for a busy san francisco. outside lands starts at 12:00 at golden gate park. at the same time. fan fet the giants play the or yeolsz at at&t park. and america's cup at 1:15. that is along the embarcadero. all four events practically
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kick off at the same time. if you are coming into san francisco on saturday, be prepared for a lot of traffic. perfect storm. >> at least the weather will be warming up a little bit over the weekend. outside lands, no inside lands. we got low clouds and fog. but beginning to push locally across the bay and inland areas. greater return is the effect of this upper level low offshore. produced thunderstorm activity around the oregon border. as a result we have a red flag warning from tomorrow morning to friday evening for high fire danger because the chance of dry lightning strikes in these dry areas reaching north of clearlake reaching up to the northern oregon border. from emeryville camera,
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looking westward, we see clouds off in the distance. it's currently 60 degrees in san francisco. 63 in oakland. mountain view and los gatos, 59 degrees at half moon bay. look back at skyline rooftop camera, under partly soggy conditions, 59. 60 in concord and 62 in livermore. looking along the bay bridge, take a look at forecast features and low clouds and fog, drizzle along the coast. we will start warming up a little bit over the weekend. here is a look what is happening in the atmosphere. big pool of cool air associated with the upper-level low has been the dominant feature and will continue to insulate our weather and finally start to pull out over the weekend and see a little bit of warming. this is projection of high temperatures in livermore
9:21 pm
over the next seven days. the average high this time of year is about 90 degrees in livermore. you can see tomorrow and friday will be well below the average. even as we go through the weekend, mid-80s. below the average of 90. in fact, into next wednesday. peak of warming in livermore, temperatures will be warmer but not up to the average levels for this time of year. overnight tonight, widespread low clouds and fog, drizzle near the coast. low temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. tomorrow in the south bay, partly cloudy, mostly sunny. 74 in san jose up to 77 at morgan hill. mountain view, 72. palo alto, 72. do you know san francisco we'll he see a high of 63 degrees. up to the north bay, highs to low to mid 70s. east bay, 69 in fremont,
9:22 pm
inland east bay, mid to upper 70s. >> warming begins over the weekend and by mid-week, inland highs up to 90 degrees which is around the seasonal average. >> we ko would expect it. coming up, passengers are delayed all too often are delayed all too often but this might be a first. ♪ people always ask, "what fruit goes best in red stripe?" please mon, red stripe don't need nothin' to make it taste delicious. red stripe. hooray beer!
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♪ mmmm. a wise jamaican once said, "drinking beer is like dancing with your lady. always better when you slow down." red stripe. hooray beer! investigators now think what caused a small fire in the presidio yesterday. it burned about an acre of grass near the national cemetery. this is an area that doesn't get many fires because it's
9:26 pm
foggy and damp. fire department is blaming it on spontaneous combustion caused by decomposing grass that somehow caused heated and sparked the fire. >> they proved that costly eradication efforts to eliminate ago debris actual turmoil pests is not working. they are permanently established in the state. they are here to stay. they are not being brought in by visitors as authorities claimed. unless a new strategy in controlling them we could see frequent widespread out breaks that could devastate the agricultural industry. >> recycling workers are complaining of rotted infestation. waste management employees at the san leandro facility say they are coming into encloses contact with rodents every day.
9:27 pm
one employee has been bitten by rat and notified cal osha. workers gathered in oakland. they are set in protest for a week. >> while weir talking about creatures. snakes and bees grounding planes is pretty common but how about spieders? five planes were delayed in kansas city when air traffic control center became overrun with spiders. they ran out of the building. three were bitten. they say an aggressive mommy spider was protecting thousands of her offspring. >> coming up here, the s-curve known for stomach turning takeoffs. how a california airport could become scarier. >> and how this bay area building is changing the world. the way the world experiences fine art. and inside some of the toughest maximum prisons.
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it's triggered a
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a hundred gr strike among inmates has entered the fourth week. they want to limit tiny inmate cells which they call solitary confinement. we obtained exclusive video of those cells and got rare access to crescent city which inmates have spent years locked up in those cells. it's a story you will only see on "abc 7 news". pelican bay state prison was designed to hold the
9:32 pm
most dangerous inmates. a bunker like high security unit, hundreds of men have been held in isolation for more than a decade. peter has spent 22 and a half hours a day lb in a small cell. >> we're not allowed a cup, a bowl, a phone calls. >> i haven't seen my family. >> he is serving 25 years to life for attempted murder. prison officials say he was separated from the rest of the prison population because an informant identified him as a member of a violent prison gang, i'm not here for discipline because a man decided to use me as his way out. i was never able to confronted those that confronted me. >> a federal lawsuit filed by a coalition of groups a.m.s that inmates are held
9:33 pm
in isolation on slim-e of evidence. this suit alleges that the use of solitary confinement causes psychological damage violating a constitutional ban on cruel and unusual punishment. department of corrections disputes that. >> pelican bay ward eastbound rejects the charges. >> it's my position and always has been my position these men are treated very humanely. >> he claims that all the inmates here or dangerous gang members. >> these are not burglars, these are not your street corner drug dealers. these men are highly violent and provide the safety for my staff which is paramount. >> on july 8th? >> pellly con bay inmates has launched a hunger strike. the families are demanding limits on the amount of time
9:34 pm
they can be held in isolation. they want more family visits and phone calls. >> united nations has declared that 15 days is the maximum amount of time that any one person should be in solitary confinement. they have allowed my brother to be in solitary confinement for 29 years. >> marie is from oakland, her brother was originally convicted of murder and locked up at pelican bay as a gang member. the department has made some changes. it lifted a ban on inmate photographs allowing prisoners like peter to begin sending new pictures to their families. his mother hasn't seen an image of her son in nine years. >> you can't touch him. you can't hear him. you can't see him. you know. that is what they call a ghost. >> family posed for a group photo and sent it to him.
9:35 pm
she received a new picture of the son and a step in the right direction but doesn't go far enough. like other families, they want to ease restrictions and move more men to regular prisons. protestors are saying that those that are held for more than ten years are let out in less than six months. >> air travel across the african content continent is because of a fire that started in kenya's main airport. firefighters were desperately short of equipment. the local government lacks a single working fine engine. they passed water buckets. it gutted the main passenger building including airport banks. no word on when flights will get back to normal. its real mess. >> the pilots did something rare on that southwest
9:36 pm
airlines plane that crashed in new york. you are remember that the flight from nashville to new york landed hard on a collapsed nose gear on july 22. n.t.s.b. says the captain took control from the first officer just 400 feet from the drowned ground. that is very late and unusual. it happened because the pilot encountered a wind shift. that the plane's nose tilted downward at the same time. investigators say there was no malfunctions and nose gear failed because of stress overload. john wayne airport is called the air is yest airport. it could add more thrills with s-curve takeoffs. watch this. this is a tirp cal takeoff at john wayne. a plane roars at climbs at 25 degrees before the plane
9:37 pm
reduces power which creeps you out. it's to minimize noise. faa is considered another routed to take them over newport bay. plan must be approved by the faa before going forward. the new flying route could be into affect by next year. >> number of people hit by cars walking is on the rise. three people are day or hit. the reason for that may surprise you. >> it can happen in a blink. a car can't stop. and a pedestrian gets hit. a growing problem. washington, d.c. police wanted to show that in just 35 miles an hour there is a fraction of a second to react. a pedestrian is killed on the roads every two hours. like this jogger in
9:38 pm
charlotte, someone is hurt every 8 minutes. this manage suffered injuries. most striking half of pedestrian deaths involve alcohol. we're not talking drivers. a third of the pedestrians killed, 1500 people were walking drunk with a blood alcohol of 08 or hire. >> they often involved alcohol. >> walking drunks have become such a problem in england, watch this drunk who falls on the escalator and can't get of off. this video was released as the danger of drunk walkers. the majority of this es accidents happen in cities, it's not at intersections. so what can you do? be predictedable. follow the rules of the road. never assume that the driver sees. >> you alcohol is not the only problem. for pedestrians and drivers,
9:39 pm
don't be distracted by electronic decision device. electronic device. >> distracted driving and walking, we have to encourage people to have an awareness that this problem is a real problem. >> a real problem killing more than 4,000 every year. >> dan: a san francisco gallery is helping change the way people buy art. modern book is off of market in san francisco. it's photographs like this one are among those being sold on amazon. they say amazon is another outlet to show artists. they can buy limited art from 150 dealers and 4500 artists ranging in price from $10 to $244.5 million paint buying norman rock well.
9:40 pm
critics say that amazon will do to art stores what they did to book stores. did you check the numbers. the powerball jackpot. people streamed in all day to a liquor store in san lorenzo. more jackpot tickets have been sold than any other in the state. four winners. half million tickets are being bought every hour. it's $448 million. the up front cash payout is more than $250 million. the retailer will get a million bucks which is the maximum bonus but odds of winning are about 1, in 175 million. >> 58, 5, 25, 59, 30 and the powerball number was 32. wish you pluck.
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>> coming up here, burglars have a change of heart after targeting a southern california charity. "abc 7
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does your dog food have? aladdin bail bonds. 18 percent? 20? new purina one true instinct has 30. active dogs crave nutrient-dense food. so we made purina one true instinct. learn more at a group of oakland students have come up with a creative way to stress the importance have going to school. they created a video with a little help from the seattle seahawks marshawn lynch that went to school in oakland. they chose please don't stop the music and on an oakland school kid ♪ got to get moving ♪ ♪ it's all about the music am an oakland school kid ♪ >> the video beginning with students dreaming what they
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want to be when they grow up and being on time to go to school. they created the video that was shot at an elementary school in oakland. burglars don't usually say they are sorry until after they are caught. it happened in southern california, here is the deal. the thieves that broke into a sexual assault services in san bernardino had a change of heart after they stole six computers. all the items were returned with a letter of apology inside a laptop. here is what it said. >> we had no idea what we were taking. here is your stuff back. we hope that you guys can continue to make a difference in people's lives, god bless. >> the detective assigned to the case he has never seen anything like this in his 20 years on the job. you want to improve your 
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hot chock loot may be more than a sweet way to warm up the evening but it may keep us from losing our mental ability. they had people drink cups every day. they did better on memory tests and brain function. it can improve blood flow to brain and can help older beam people. >> good weather to have hot chocolate. >> november like. you are right, dan. here is a live look. we had low clouds at the coast. temperatures below the average n.fact as we look live out toward emeryville.
9:50 pm
some of the high temperatures, compared the average high in those date, you can see how much cooler each location was except san francisco which was right at the average. 67. santa rosa, 13 degrees cooler. san rafael, 12 degrees cooler. livermore 13 degrees cooler than the average high. it's not been very august like. inland highs will reach to the low to mid-70s. 77 at antioch. around the bay, 60s to 70s. seven-day forecast, we'll start to warm up, mid-80s over the weekend. mid-week, upper 80s to 90 in most inland locations. that is closer to the norm for this tile of the year. >> larry beil is here talking both bay area baseball teams tonight. >> bad highlights. [ laughter ] >> misery.
9:51 pm
giants going through rough stretches. we will make you smile, with football on your phone. eli manning talks about the smash new video that for over 60,000 california foster children, having necessary school supplies can mean the difference between success and failure. the day i start, i'm already behind. i never know what i'm gonna need. new school, new classes, new kids. it's hard starting over. to help, sleep train is collecting school supplies for local foster children. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help a foster child start the school year right.
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coming up tonight at 11:00, home invasion, the tricks some robbers use to get into a home, what you should know. the baseball dreams. major league baseball files a response to san jose's request to get the a's to move to town. those coming up at 11:00. you are talking baseball. >> the response is something else. you got a lawyer, i got a lawyer, too. a's threw their best. colon had the worst out go of the season. first place is hanging by a thread. colon took the mound with a stomach ailment. here it comes, there it goes. it was picked up on russian
9:55 pm
radar. colon didn't even last three innings. steven singles to brandon most and albert to with a collision. gunned down at plate. he left with a contusion. his replacement, he triples here. he scored two. 6-5, cincinnati. that is wicked. 103 miles an hour to catch lowery swinging. they win 6-5. texas is beating the awning jells as we speak. giants and brewers. ready for football. we don't show a lot of flies in the highlights. buster posey robbed by chris davis. brandon scores on the play and davis prevents any more damage to the man on second. 1-0 second the madison bumgarner takes a shutout to the eighth, and crawford
9:56 pm
double clutched. next batter, sack bunt, error on baum. sloppy baseball, don't punch the ceiling. milwaukee is piling it on. 6-1 brew crew in the 9th. >> 49ers, first pre-season game of year and could be the superbowl match-up with the niners and broncos. lawrence the british discus thrower. never played in a football game. his first contest against denver. he didn't know how to put his equipment on at first. 6'6", 305 pounds. here is jim harbaugh. >> he is not a good football player. his next thing is to be not
9:57 pm
a bad player. i want him to be a bad football player. that is the next jump up for lawrence. >> i wanted him to be a bad football player. cal is into third day of football under head coach. looking for good football players. trying to decide who is going to be a starting quarterback. zach competing with two freshman, jarret from marine catholic and junior out of colorado, austin, one of them will win the job august 31 against northwestern. >> we would like to do it as quickly as possible. hopefully somebody will make the decision easy. if not, make the decision. we have to give them a shot to see.
9:58 pm
>> i promised smiles. it's the video that has taken over the internet. football on your phone, peyton manning, eli manning. it's a smash hit. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ laughter ] >> costumes and wigs are tremendous. manning brothers are great. it took them five hours to film. eli not planning on starting a rap career anytime soon. ♪ >> i'll keep my day job and play football. it was all fun. for a few hours, i'll see what happens, hopefully it will turn out well.
9:59 pm
>>. >> they did a great job and clever campaign. both of those guys are gold in commercials. they are fantastic. >>. [ laughter ] >> i've got a wig. >> just kidding. >> oh, boy. >> is that true? >> i'm dan ashley. thanks for watching. see you at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> i paid for this hair.
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